Ridge – Weather based Simulation


RIDGE is a weather based simulation showcasing a custom low poly design. In this environment you get to choose your scene attributes e.g. Snow, rain, time of day and trigger dynamic events.

RIDGE experiments with player immersion by giving you full control of the environment. We wanted to look into interactive environments as we found a lack of weather based control games. RIDGE focuses on being less like a game and more of an immersive experience.

The point of this project was to gain knowledge about game design without actually making a game as such and to look into scene design and player communication with the scene elements and playing with immersion levels.Before working on ridge we had next to no game design experience. This project was designed to increase our knowledge of: Level design, 3D modelling, Visual scripting and material and texture design.

The project as it is today incorporates basic weather systems controlled by the user including an advanced day/night cycle. RIDGE has uses an XBOX 360 controller to trigger: Snow, Rain, Day, Night. The day night cycle has a real-time function that allows the player to use the time stated by their computer to simulated a real day (This is only available when some settings are changed in the engine).

I have a great interest in  game design and this project for me was a stepping stone into the world of game creation. My focus in this project has been blueprint design, game-play mechanics, material design and texture creation. Throughout this project I have been heavily focused on blueprint design an creating the weather control mechanics. Being new to Unreal engine 4 I started from the beginning with basic blueprint design, for example working with the level blueprint. Over the weeks I have learnt more complex techniques of blueprint creation and I’ve finally come to the point where I can make actor blueprints that interact with each-other during the game-play.

Show Reel:

This show reel shows the development of RIDGE and the steps we took on our journey through unreal engine 4.

Images of the game:









Collaboration by Jake McPherson & Tyler Hinde ( http://tylerhinde.com/ )

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