Post 3/8/2016


So we have had our first week back and me and Levi have been working on some basic mechanics for the game. These were: Teleporting  and the ability to pick objects up and manipulate them without physical contact. The teleport is going to be useful to get over the issue we will have with the real world space allocated to the player with the HTC Vive.


We hope to have the Vive before the end of may.



Post 3/1/2016

So today marks the start of third year. I’m going to be using this as a substitute to using Tumblr. I feel like having everything all in one place makes my work more cohesive and easier to follow. Today I was looking at VR are looking into Simulation sickness and how to reduce its effects on the user.

We are currently sorting out the art style for our experience that we are going to be designing in UE4. So while I wait for the concept art and initial model designs I’ll be researching VR and learning all I need to make the game as optimal and smooth as possible.